Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The upcoming challenge

OK, I signed up for this challenge. No big deal, I just did 28 days on the Family History Writing Challenge and I know I can do it. I also learned Blogger allows posts to be scheduled ahead of time. That was news to me but welcomed. Now, I had lots of time to get ahead of the game.

Really? Procrastination has hit big time and now it is five days before the challenge and I am feeling a little pushed. We spent the weekend in Arizona at a birthday party for a friend. That wouldn't be so bad but baseball season has started and being a board member of the league is taking away precious writing time, not to mention practice three times a week and at least one game a week.

Still, I was feeling comfortable until I realized that Spring Break (editorial comment here - formally Easter Vacation) is after Easter and is two weeks long. That means I have an opportunity to take more pictures because while the rest of the country is still having winter, we will probably go to Knott's Soak City and the beach. There are some nice things about living in Southern California. It just seems to take away more writing time.

So today, I did one post for the challenge but now am off to take pictures for Find A Grave. Find A Grave is a free service for people looking for genealogy proof and family history. Anyone can request a photo if it is not already out there on the site. I have requested photos in Wisconsin, Texas, Tennessee, and New Mexico. In return, I signed up to take photos of gravesides in my area for people who are far away. I am off to Hemet, California where the graveyard is located. Hemet has lots of places to visit. Maybe I can use my time wisely and take pictures of some of the things I can use during the challenge. Nah...

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