Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hummingbird update

I had a lovely vacation in Tennessee with my cousin Patty. We tracked down the home place and although disappointed that the house was gone, we did find the foundation. Tennessee is an incredibly beautiful state and coming from the browns in California, the greens of Tennessee were refreshing. Still, in the back of my mind was my hummingbird family.

We had two eggs and I expected them to hatch when I was away from home. 

It was with total delight that the afternoon before I left, our little eggs hatched. Although the picture could be clearer, Mom was too close to get a better picture. We try not to upset her. The two fuzzy caterpillar shapes are our babies.

These pictures were taken yesterday. They are a definite "Feed Me!"
Every day they get bigger and I know it won't be long before they leave. We are enjoying every minute.


  1. Hi Ann. That is so sweet! And great that you managed to get so close up for a picture. Little birds are so cute in the nest, just make sure there are no cats around! :)

  2. How adorable Ann! I love birds, and your so blessed to be apart of these little one's from egg to birth! Yes, make sure no kitties! They won't be kind to the baby birds. Nice pictures!! Sandy

  3. Glad to see you back. My dad is from Tennessee and you are right - it is a beautifully GREEN state. Can't wait to hear all about it.

  4. Would not last long with the cats round where I live.
    Passing through on my roadtrip

  5. Only just catching up with this, having been away since the beginning of the month. How lovely that they hatched just before you went away, and they look so adorable in their nest. Are they still with you or have they left home now?

    1. The birds are gone. I miss being able to watch them grow. It was a unique experience.


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