Monday, May 20, 2013

Hummingbird Eggs

Darn! I am leaving tomorrow for an 8-day family history adventure in the hills of Tennessee. Not darn that I am leaving but the gestation period for hummingbird eggs is 14 to 23 days and I am probably going to miss the eggs hatching. Fortunately, my husband will be home so he can monitor our new babies.

I did the research and the eggs are now almost two weeks old. I also read that hummingbird dad's don't nest but our hummingbird dad does. While he doesn't spend a lot of time there, he will cover for the hummingbird mom. 

In the meantime, our cactus has bloomed again. I have pictures of my grandson next to the cactus when it and he were small. I take pictures of it every time it blooms. So, here is yesterday's picture. The blooms only last one day. 

 It's time to pack for the trip. Just checked the eggs. Still haven't hatched. Dad was sitting on the nest while mom chased away another bird. It's a baby and just hatched from another nest on the porch. It sound like wild kingdom outside!


  1. How very wonderful! I watched hummingbird eggs not hatching myself once when I was visiting my folks in Arizona. They hatched the very next day! Can't wait to see your little birds. Safe travels.

  2. Blooming cactus AND hummingbird eggs... it's an awesome week of Nature's finest at your house :)

  3. Blooming cactus AND hummingbird eggs... it's an awesome week of Nature's finest at your house :)

  4. Hi Ann - I got locked out of my blog and had to start another. I've missed all my blogging pals.

  5. Have a great trip - wish I was tagging along. My dad's family are from Eastern Tennessee. (Scott County) Can't wait to hear all about it.

    I was just thinking yesterday as I watched our little hummingbird in our yard (we call him Little Guy) that I don't believe I have ever seen a baby hummingbird or even eggs. I just love them.

  6. Love this! Very cool that you got to see the babies!

    ANN, I have to share this very cool thing I discovered today. It's called - go to the site, and select the platform for Blogger. You can add Social Media Sharing buttons to each post, including Pinterest! I just added it my blog today.


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