Tuesday, April 2, 2013

B is for Big Bear, California

This is my second attempt to write about Big Bear. The first one sounded like a stilted travel brochure and was politically correct. That's just not me.

Big Bear was once a quiet sleepy town where we would go to have fun in the snow. It was where we would have family picnics when I was small and us kids would play in the lake. When my kids were small, we would go in the summer. The kids were endlessly fascinated by the Hell's Angels. Later, it was where we would go to hang out at the sleazy bar that my husband's family owned.

Big Bear has grown and I miss what it once was. Don't get me wrong, it is still the place to have fun. It's just not the same. 

Today, it is a tourist mecca. There are trendy shopping areas and a lot more to do on the lake. Restaurants abound whether it be fast food or gourmet dining. The road in and out can be bumper to bumper so why fight the traffic?

Because, while I dislike the traffic and trendy shopping areas, we still have fun at the lake and the guys like the tubing. There is nothing like riding an inner-tube down a bank of snow. We could buy the forest passes and bring out own inner-tubes but there are designated courses that are not that expensive.

Tubing at Big Bear with Grandpa and the Boy.

In the summer, we still go to play in the lake. The cold water has never stopped us.

The last time we were there was for the Pony Baseball All Stars. It was a (long) trip up the hill for three days but the kids loved playing there. They did find it was necessary to adjust to the altitude. Big Bear is about 7000 feet while we are at 1400 feet. BTW, they got slaughtered by the team from Corona but they didn't seem to care. It was cool to play baseball in Big Bear and they had a great time swimming in the lake. Did you know that you can hit the ball farther with the change in altitude?  

This summer, the boy wants to go back and try the ziplines. We'll see. In the meantime, I want to go back to the Big Bear Historical Museum and the Big Bear Alpine Zoo.  Maybe, we'll just grab the tent and spend some time camping. Regardless of the changes, Big Bear is still fun.


  1. Sounds like an interesting place. Good luck with the challenge.

  2. sounds like what Tahoe has become. Trendy and glitzy. We used to own a duplex at Tahoe when I was a kid. Not the big crowds like it is now.

    I've never been to Big Bear although my husband who was born in Long Beach used to go up there every summer and ski in the winter.

    I'm really enjoying your blog.

  3. I've never been there. I've actually only been to California one time, and that was over the Christmas break this last year--my son was playing at the Holiday Bowl with the band, and I came along as a sponsor. I did love it--would definitely like to go back and spend some time. Big Bear sounds awesome :)

  4. I've visited California, but never Big Bear. It's nice to have a place that you are familiar with, and can watch grow. Happy A to Z!


  5. Big Bear is a great place for camping too. Nice post, Ann:)

  6. All things change I guess - but terrific to have memories of this great sounding place which still sounds wonderful to visit... lovely post thank you! Awaiting the 'C'.

  7. 1400 to 7000 feet: what a huge difference!
    It seems like everything is getting so commercialized. What happened to the good ol' days?


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