Saturday, April 6, 2013

F is for Felton, CA

Our introduction to Felton, California came from an unusual request. It was the 50th anniversary of the founding of Henry Cowell State Park and they wanted vintage trailers from that period to show what it would have looked like when the park opened. Never being one to miss a chance to show off my 1959 Dalton travel trailer, we gathered some friends and made the trip. We arrived a day early and setup our camp. Henry Cowell is a beautiful state park and has its own stand of redwood trees.

The trailer the day before the vintage trailer display. The campsites are wonderful and secluded so you think that you have the forest all to yourself. 

Once camp was setup, we went to see this charming town. It is everything that one could ask for in a town that began in the late 1800’s. The major industry at that time was the railroads that put it on the map. Today, it caters to visitors with many places to eat and shop. It is also the home of the already mentioned Henry Cowell State Park and the equally interesting Roaring Camp Railroads.

We did not have an opportunity to ride the trains. A trailer show is a trailer show and we stay there to show off our trailers and to answer questions. However, every time the whistle blew, I wanted to run across the parking lot and hop a train. However, the state park staff did provide us dinner in the dining room of Roaring Camp so we got to see all the lucky people enjoying the train rides. Roaring Camp Railroads has two routes that visitors can take. One travels to Bear Mountain through redwood groves and the other takes visitors to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Both of them are on my list of things to do because I have a thing about trains.  

We moved our trailer to the display area. This is my 1959 Dalton. It is completely original except for the paint job. We were losing the graphics so we had it repainted following the original lines in the original Chevy Gold color.
     A few of the other trailers that shared the camp-out with us.

Henry Cowell State Park is breathtaking. We were there for four days and it just wasn’t enough. The self-tour of the groves makes it easy for those of us with bad knees to enjoy the whole park at our leisure. Camping in the park takes you away from everyday stresses, as the forest seems to envelope you with the mystery of the past. I honestly can’t wait to go back and we are looking at next year for this adventure.

 A few more pictures to share. It is impossible to take a bad picture.


  1. I spent many summer days in Felton. It's positively gorgeous there! Thanks for sharing the redwoods and some of the beautiful scenery, Ann:)

  2. It looks amazing Ann, I'm loving the giant redwoods. Makes me want to go camping now.

  3. I know Felton well. We used to go there to cut down our christmas tree when I was a kid. Good stuff Ann!

  4. Neat post. I'm just over the mountain range from Santa Cruz. I think I could enjoy camping in a trailer. If you're into ziplining there is an outfit that does it at Mt. Herman. I've got you bookmarked to read more of your adventures. As for my AtoZ, I'm at
    Take 25 to Hollister
    Don't be a Hippie

  5. This park looks wonderful. I've only seen redwoods once, in Muir Woods, and felt how special they are, so mighty and serene.

    Jan at Website
    Beyond Acadia
    Faith Talk
    Swamp Lily Review

  6. Love Felton and Henry Cowell State Park. Your post reminds me that I've been away far too long. I'm really enjoying your blog!

  7. Beautiful! It's been a long time since I set eyes on some redwoods.

  8. Lovely, there are some wonderful state parks in CA.


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