Friday, April 5, 2013

E is for Eureka, CA

Eureka, California is a smaller city in Northern California that packs a big punch. It has the perfect location. Surrounded by some of California’s most spectacular Redwood Forests, it sits on Humboldt Bay.

It was never really a destination as we made the yearly trips to Seattle to visit family. However, when we bought our teardrop trailer is Washington State; we decided to travel Hwy 1 on the way home. We still might not have stopped there but an accident closed Hwy 1 and we were stuck in Eureka for the night. We should have gotten out of the car a long time ago because the town itself is worth a visit.

It’s not as if we have never been there but it was not any more than a meal or a snack on a longer journey. We were pleasantly surprised by the food and shopping. There are fun shops to wander through and yes, I spent some money on trinkets.

What we really found interesting was the architecture. If you don’t take the time to stop, you don’t realize that Eureka is known for its historical district with wonderful home built in the early 1800’s. I love old homes so touring the town was a real treat. Check out The Eureka Historical Society. They have lots of information on the architecture.

Still, Eureka has taken on new meaning for me. I just completed The Family History Writing Challenge. My great grandfather left his family and headed for Northern California. He went there for the gold but ended up staying 30 plus years owning his own farm. He didn’t spend much time in Eureka but I know when I walk the town, I am walking in the footsteps he left so very long ago.

Eureka is also very close to Humboldt Redwoods State Park. This is a well-known destination and certainly worth a visit. It is 45 miles north of Eureka. However, if you go 20 miles southeast of Eureka, there is another state park that is less well known. Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park is small. The state park brochure says that it doesn’t get many visitors so you might have the grove all to yourself. What a treat that is.

Do make the time to see Eureka. Get out of the car and walk the town. Drive through the historical homes and take the time to enjoy all that Eureka has to offer.


  1. Eureka is one of my favorite places to visit in Cali. It's so lovely there!

  2. There is something magical about the atmosphere in the Eureka area, must have something to do with the redwoods 8-) Thanks for the reminder, it's been too long since I visited.

  3. Yet another lovely place to roam around.
    Ha ha this is far away from my place. LOL
    Keep coming

  4. another place for me to visit, perfect. we wanted to go somewhere with redwoods and i like sound of the architecture and shops too. thanks ann

  5. Eureka is a nice town, but I didn't have a lot of time to really explore the area... have you seen the film Humboldt County? I think that's the name of it.

  6. Hi there!! Joined your blog, and I live in Southern Calif., never been to Eureka! I have a sister that lives in Lincoln, Ca., and she prefers Northern Ca., to So., Ca., I hope one day maybe, and I look forward to all that you shared with me today!! It sounded charming! Thank you for a great informative post!

  7. Thanks for coming by Tales Of The Reborn Crafter

    I am enjoying your blog adventures. I am following you so I will back tomorrow

  8. I stopped in Eureka does have some cool buildings but I thought, overall, it was really run down and creepy.


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