Thursday, May 2, 2013


At baseball practice yesterday, the smoke from the Banning fire was visible from the field. Only lost one home and it was 50% contained this morning. Just came home from a dental appointment to news reports of a fire in Camarillo which about 2 hours north of us and Jurupa Valley which is on the other side of Riverside. Some homes have been lost there. We are grateful that none of these fires are close to us. 

It's fire season. It's been hot and everything is its normal brown. The Santa Ana winds are blowing all through Southern California. Residents who live in or back up to areas that are undeveloped are temping fate. Even those of us who live on the flats are surrounded by hills. In these winds, sparks can fly a long way.

Right now, the wind is really blowing and wind warning are in effect until tonight. This is a fact of life for Southern California residents. In reality, the Southwest portion of the United States is at risk for wildfires.

It may be good that we had so little rain which may have prevented a bonus crop of vegetation. As expected, all our programming is preempted as they cover the three fires. We can only hope that the winds die down and pray for the firefighters who put their lives in danger to protect residents and their homes. They are our hero's. 


  1. I thought of you today. We too had that horrible wind the last few days which spurred on some wildfires. Right now there is one in Butte County that is 0% contained. We had smoke here and it reminded me of last year. Half our summer we were in smoke. A few years ago, the fires started on Memorial Day and didn't get fully contained until late Sept. It's so sad and Cal fire up here is saying it's going to be a bad fire season.

    Praying for you all down there! and Praying our state can survive all of this financially. Oh and for the fire crews. God Bless them!

  2. So scary! We had to leave our house once due to forest fire and watch on and wait to see if we would still have a house in the frightening to have no control over stuff like that.

    Be safe!

  3. I heard about the fires on the today's radio news local to where I live and I immediately thought about you. I hope you aren't affected, I really can't imagine how awful it must be for families to lose their homes like that.

    Here in the UK we don't get anything like that - this country is too wet for one thing! - and if we do it's usually in areas of uninhabited moorland so there's no loss of life or property.

  4. Hi Ann, glad you are ok. We are too far away but have seen all about the fires on the news channels. It has been so hot recently but hopefully there will be rain in the next few days to help. I hope everyone involved is ok.

  5. Yikes! Another friend in Colorado is also dealing with fires. Hope you stay safe this summer.


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