Monday, May 6, 2013

It's raining

It's May 6th. We are past the rainy season. It was 100 degrees for two days last week. Most of us are nursing some sort of sunburn.

Usually when they say it's going to rain, we don't pay much attention. We are also less likely to get rain than the LA area. We have different micro-climates so rain in one place doesn't mean it will make it to us. Our news breaks down the weather to separate Valleys-Inland Empire, Mountains, High Desert and Los Angeles Basin. Right now, the Doppler shows rain in our area but dry in Temecula.

Rain is a big deal here. We don't see a lot of it and it makes everything look better. The wet earth smells good. And, I just remembered, they plowed the field across the street last week. All those tumbleweeds they plowed under will get a head start with the rain and provide us with another bumper crop to climb into our yard in the fall.

Oh well, time to get the boy up. He has an umbrella he can take to the bus stop. He's had it several years and only used it twice so he'll be excited. Small things make us happy.


  1. Interesting about the 'Micro-Climates'...I think the whole state of Texas is under the No Rain Micro-Climatatic Umbrella. The weather guys have almost abandoned their Dopplers for the 'StepOutside Report'...if it's raining when you step outside you'd better hurry in and report it before it quits.

    Yeah, it's a BIG DEAL here, too. Hope your 'Boy' had fun in the rain...umbrella and all.

    Sue CollectInTexasGal
    Blue Monday~Texas Chicken Farm Photography

  2. We had quite a bit of rain in irvine earlier and through the night. Never thought I would be glad for a bit of rain but it does make a nice change that's for sure!

  3. Well, we got rain here (in Long Beach). Most of the night and a bit in the morning. Did you get some?

  4. Well, WAY UP HERE in Redding, we got some light rain with thunderstorms in the mountains. We need it - looks like we are heading toward the big "D" word. I hate it when we have to water ration.


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